City of Escondido’s Checkpoint and Towing Practices Under Fire

SDLRLA Provides Financial Support to Documentary Efforts

With the support of San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, the ACLU, and other concerned parties, documentary journalist John Carlos Frey of the Gatekeeper Foundation has uncovered information that raises serious concerns that the City of Escondido may be illegally profiting from tow fees, tow contracts, and grants received from California’s Office of Traffic Safety, in connection with its sobriety and driver’s license checkpoints.  Mr. Frey’s findings are discussed in detail in the ACLU’s report titled Wrong Turn – Escondido’s Checkpoints and Impound Practices Examined.  Click here to view a copy of the report.  The findings have led to local and national media attention.  In response, the City of Escondido’s City Manager has publicly announced an internal review of the City’s towing fees.  The media and public have in turn demanded an independent audit and full disclosure of the City’s checkpoints and vehicle impound records.  A compilation of all articles and written media coverage can be found here.