Trial Advocacy Program

The SDLRLA Trial Advocacy Program (TAP) has adopted six high schools from lower social-economic neighborhoods in order to help them enhance their existing team or to establish a mock trial program, to introduce high school students to professional role models, and to prepare our students to compete in the San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition.  For all questions regarding the High School Mock Trial Competition, please click here to visit their web page.

We are not part of the San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition, we do not have any say in the operations or policies of the SDCHSMTC, we simply support 6 of the schools that participate in the competition.

Goals of the Program: 

  • Educate high school students on the justice system
  • Inspire high school students to set higher academic standards 
  • Fund successful high school mock trial programs

Benefits for Students: 

  • Learn to Advocate
  • Increase Overall Confidence
  • Enhance Public Speaking Skills
  • Obtain Motivation to Seeking Higher Education 
  • Networking with Legal Professionals 
  • Be Part of a Successful High School Team 
  • Take College Level Criminal Law Class Tailored for Mock Trial 
  • Receive Tutoring and Other Services from Reality Changers

Participating High Schools


 Oceanside High School 

King-Chavez High School

Lincoln High School

Sweetwater High School

Southwest High School

Crawford High School

Donations Needed: 


Funds Used to Provide: 

  • Food/Snacks for Student Meetings 
  • Mock Trial Team T-Shirts with the School’s Logo 
  • School Supplies 
  • Entry into the San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition
  • Courtroom Attire for the Competition 
  • Funds for the End of the Year Awards Ceremony

A donation of any amount will be appreciated!

Click on the blue Donate button or mail a check to SDLRLA. Don’t forget to put “TAP” on the memo line. 

* Contributions to SDLRLA are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.