The Informed Voters Project, a project of The National Association of Women Judges, is a non-partisan voter education project developed to increase public awareness about the judicial system, to inform voters that politics and special interest attacks have no place in the courts, and to give voters the tools they need to exercise an informed vote in favor of fair and impartial courts.

Help get the word out about this great project and on topics like Judicial Accountability, Fair and Impartial Courts and how Politics and Special Interests have no place in the courtrooms. These fact sheets are available in English and Spanish.

You can also view an Emmy Award winning short video Fair and Free featuring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (Ret.) here in English. Or click on the video below for the Spanish version!

Fair and Free – Full Film – featuring Sandra Day O’Connor (ES) from Informed Voters Project on Vimeo.


1. If you have any contacts with local television or radio stations, please ask them to see if they might air the Fair and Free PSA or radio spots featuring Justice O’Connnor.


2. If you have any other media contacts, please ask them if they would be willing to work with our local IVP committee with op-eds.


3. If you have opportunities to speak to members of the public (for example, Rotary Club, HOA or PTA meetings), would you be willing to do so?  Or even just willing to contact your local IVP committee so we can do so between 9/1/14 and the election? We are looking to present to non-legal Latino communities.


4. And finally, will you join us in using social media to spread the word? You can tweet, post, and share the information. Look to our SDLRLA facebook and twitter to re-tweet or share what we post, you can create your own tweets or posts from what strikes you, or you can use our sample tweets available below.


Our SDLRLA representative is Alara Chilton. Please email her with any questions or ability to follow up with any of these requests for help from our local judges at [email protected].


Sample tweets:
#Courts need to be #FairandFree. Support @ivpfairfree, a project of @nawj. More at
#Vote for #judges based on their competency, ethics and integrity. Support @ivpfairfree. More at
#Courts are not for sale. Say no to #specialinterestgroups. Say yes to #fairandfree@ivpfairfree
#Fairandfree featuring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (Ret.) Support @ivpfairfree, a project of @nawj#informed #voter
@sdlrla supports #fairandfree courts and #equaljustice. Voters must be informed! Read fact sheets in Eng/Español.