The SDLRLA’s Outreach & Services Committee is seeking volunteers to help the San Diego County Bar Association conduct the annual San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition.  This program was established in 1980 by the Constitutional Rights Foundation in an effort to provide students with a better understanding of our judicial system.  The competition also allows students to develop their communication and analytical skills by participating in a criminal mock trial.  Each mock trial team is assigned a teacher-sponsor and a volunteer attorney-coach.  The attorney-coach will advise his/her assigned team on trial techniques and procedures, and will help develop specific strategies.  Time commitments are worked out between the attorney and the assigned team, however they generally require an attorney-coach to meet with the team once a week as early as September.   Alternatively, attorneys can volunteer to score the competition in February and March 2014.  As a scorer, attorneys will evaluate student presentations based on certain criteria on a scale from 0-5.  Time commitments for scorers will be no longer than three hours.


If anyone is interested, please contact SDLRLA’s Outreach & Services Committee chairs, Luis Osuna and Sadaf Hane, at [email protected] or [email protected].  Attorneys interested in volunteering may also get more details by contacting Michelle Chavez at the San Diego County Bar Association at 619-321-4150 or [email protected], or by visiting