SDLRLA to Partner with EBGBA
Introducing “Neighborhood Law School”

San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association is proud to announce its partnership with the Earl B Gilliam Bar Association to host a fantastic volunteer community event “Neighborhood Law School.” The program is comprised of six free classes that will be given to members of the community at the Jacobs Center in San Diego. The classes will be taught on various topics of the law, and each will be simultaneously offered in English and Spanish. We are seeking English and Spanish speaking volunteer attorneys to teach only one 90 minute class in any of the following areas: Business formation/small business, immigration, criminal law, consumer law, and employment law (only need Spanish speakers for employment law).

The classes will begin on Monday, June 17th and run through August (all dates fall on a Monday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.) If you are interested in this public speaking opportunity and are willing to donate approximately 90 minutes of your time, please contact Neighborhood Law School Program Co-chairs Alara Chilton at [email protected] or Omar Passons at  [email protected] for specific dates and information. We are excited to bring this free event to the community. As always, SDLRLA community events are only made possible because of the generosity and support of our members.