2012 SDLRLA President Lizzette Herrera’s Final Address

I hope you all enjoyed the La Raza Annual Dinner and Gala Event this past Friday. For those that could not make it, we look forward to seeing you at our Annual Holiday Party in December. Throughout the dinner festivities this past Friday, I was in awe of Tom Saenz, our guest speaker, for speaking up for the civil rights of those that could not speak up for themselves. I was impressed by the scholarship recipients that overcame adversity to make it to law school. I was struck by our Attorney of the Year who spoke about the heartbreaking stories of young men sentenced to life in prison and how they would never have a chance to truly live. As we continue on our professional paths, I urge each of you to speak out in one of the simplest ways possible: YOUR VOTE. On November 6th, we have the opportunity to make sure our values and priorities are heard. My nana, an 80-year old woman with a fourth grade education, never passes up the opportunity to vote because she realizes the privilege being bestowed upon her–the ability to influence the future and have her say. I encourage you all to “have your say” this Election Day. It has been a privilege to be your President.