SDLRLA is proud to recognize the many dedicated volunteers who have supported Project LEAD (Legal Enrichment and Decision Making), a program designed to teach fifth graders critical life lessons, including the importance of staying in school, preventing and dealing with bullying, and making over-all good choices for their future. The 10-week program, co-chaired by attorneys Alara Chilton and Raquel Prieguez, began January 27, 2012 at Laura G. Rodriguez Elementary School. The program’s curriculum is also taught to Spanish speaking students, thanks in large part to attorney Daniel Laguna, who translated all the lessons. The program concludes on March 28, 2012, with the students participating in a mock trial with the Honorable Amalia Meza, San Diego Superior Court judge, presiding. The program came to the attention of SDLRLA Board through San Diego Superior Court Judge, Gonzalo Curiel. SDLRLA wishes to thank Judge Curiel for his leadership, Judge Meza for her outstanding contribution, and the many volunteers listed below- composed of both law students and attorneys- for their gifts of time and energy in support to our youth.


1. Daniel Laguna *
2. Hector Jimenez*
3. Angela Santamaria*
4. Claudia Garcia*
5. Agustin Pena
6. Rafael Castellanos
7. Enrique Munoz
8. Samantha Morales (Law Student)
9. Paula Joachin
10. Pablo Palomino
11. Mark Vasallo
12. Gerardo A. Gonzalez
13. Francisco Aldana
14. Tamara Trawick (will volunteer next week)
15. Lizbet Munoz (will volunteer in 2 weeks)
16. Rachel Cano
17.Jamila Del Mistro

*These volunteers have been regular participants since the program’s inception.