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IMG_0833AMISTAD Committee

Committee Co-chairs: Sophia Luber s.luber@naimishlewislawcom; Andres Hernandez

The AMISTAD Committee puts on the monthly membership mixers for SDLRLA, which take place on the second Tuesday of every month. SDLRLA teams up with someone fun and interesting each month to provide valuable networking opportunities for our members.


San Diego DiversityCommunity Outreach & Service Committee

Committee Chairs: Rafael Hurtado

The Community Outreach and Service Committee’s mission is to educate the San Diego Latino community about important legal and social issues and provide them with relevant and practical legal information.  We regularly partner with other community organizations to develop and carry out programs that seek to add to the success of the San Diego Latino community.  We welcome and encourage your input and partnerships to continue reaching out to Latinos of all ages and from every neighborhood in San Diego County.


communicationsCommunications Committee

Website: Rodrigo Guevara (Administrator)

Newsletter: Rodrigo Guevara & Nadia Bermudez

Facebook: Renee Galente & Eran Bermudez


Businessman Wearing CapeCorporate Sponsorship Chairs: Catherine Arambula and Jesse Blanco

Ms. Arambula has vast experience in working with corporations and finding a “fit” for them in supporting the local community. She is a Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual, a past President of MANA de San Diego, a past President of the National Latino Business Women Association, San Diego chapter, and a board member of the City of San Diego Small Business Advisory.  If you have any questions about supporting SDLRLA, please contact Catherine!


Stamp-of-ApprovalEndorsements Committee Chair:  Renee Galente

The Endorsements Committee’s purpose is to ensure that the Latino community is appropriately represented throughout the San Diego community, at varying levels of political positions. The Committee will consider requests for endorsements for those running for judicial office, requests for letters of support and/or endorsements for non-partisan, local and county elected positions, such as district attorney and city attorney, as well as candidates for directors of the San Diego County Bar Board.

The Committee 1.) encourages qualified Latino and Latina attorneys to seek appointments to the bench, 2.) evaluates the qualifications and temperament of candidates seeking the endorsement and support of SDLRLA, 3.) advocates on behalf of the those candidates La Raza Lawyers has endorsed.

The Endorsement Committee consists of the Chair, four additional board members and/or general members selected by the President, and the President. Those seeking endorsements should contact the Chair, send a resume, and any other materials that the candidate would like considered by the committee. Any questions regarding the process or the committee should be directed to the Chair.

The Committee gives great weight to past and present participation and involvement in community activities, including, but not limited to Latino community organizations, that demonstrates a commitment to the values of diversity.

The Committee interviews the candidates, conducts due diligence, and makes a recommendation to the board. The board considers the recommendation of the committee, and may accept or reject the recommendation. The final decision of whether to endorse or support a candidate is made by the board.

Law Student Committeelawstudent2

Chairs: (CWSL) Luis Gonzalez; (TJSL); Maggie Gaan

The San Diego La Raza Lawyer’s Association Law Student Committee provides networking opportunities for law students and works with the local law school La Raza student organizations in promoting San Diego La Raza events at the schools.  This committee will give opportunities for law students to meet lawyers and judges and forge relationships with them in order to help students through law school, job search, and the transition into a legal career.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee does what the name suggests- it is the Committee’s goal to attract new members to the organization and restore previous members who have lapsed in membership. The Membership Committee hosts the Membership Drive Mixer each January, as well as at least two other events during the year. This Committee is open to membership to join!



Employees Listening to PresentationMentorship Committee/ Professional Advancement

Mentorship: Ben Aguilar

Professional Advancement: Olga Alvarez

SDLRLA Mentorship Committee strives to create meaningful mentorship relationships between law students and attorneys at all levels of practice, as well as between newer attorneys and more experienced ones.  The program is designed to give both mentors and mentees new insights on the practice of law, the balance of family and professional lives, career development, office politics, and ethical dilemmas.

The Professional Advancement Committee inspires and provides our members with tools to succeed at the highest levels of the legal profession through innovative training that focuses on understanding issues that maybe unique to our membership  and assists in crafting networking, business development, and professional growth strategies that work.

education-books-politicsPolitical Affairs Committee

Chair: Luis Osuna

The Political Affairs Committee is tasked by the Board of Directors to oversee all aspects of the Association’s political efforts.  The Political Affairs Committee has led the Association’s efforts to push the state legislature for a reinvestment in our judicial system, has organized two major San Diego mayoral candidate forums and a District Attorney candidate forum.